πŸ“ˆ Leverage the internet to find good ideas, accelerate side projects, and connect with fellow builders.


What do glowing sunscreen πŸ“ˆ, butterfly pea tea πŸ“ˆ, air quality monitors πŸ“ˆ, and permanent jewelry πŸ“ˆ have in common? They're all trending, but most people have no idea.Not so long ago, this information was impossible to discover. No amount of money, focus groups, or door-to-door interviews could tell you that millions of people are interested in butterfly pea tea!But thankfully, a magical place called the Internet ushered in a new era. You see, billions of people now surf the web every day and leave clues about what they want and think when nobody is watching.These insights are scattered across the web in plain sight, and with the right knowledge, anyone can access them.Internet Pipes exists to give you that access. If all goes well, you will walk away with an upgraded pair of β€œInternet glasses” that give you a high-fidelity view of what people actually desire. What you do with that information is up to you.

πŸ’₯ Fun fact: Every second, there are 6m Google searches, 300k tweets, 4m Facebook likes, and $450k spent on Amazon. Talk about scale.



  • πŸ“š 50,000+ written words that will teach you how to mine the goldmine that is the Internet. You will learn how to spot trends and evaluate, validate, and differentiate those ideas using real data (not just intuition).

  • 🎬 20+ videos and tutorials, including overviews of some of the most powerful tools, tips on getting the most out of the content, and exclusive AMAs with the creators of a variety of products and internet sleuthing resources.

  • πŸ€“ Targeted lessons on gleaning insights from some of the biggest websites in the world, from Google to Reddit to Twitter to Amazon to TikTok to Apple's App Store.

  • πŸ› οΈ A database of 90+ tools and counting that house data about what people want, including demos on how to use the top ones effectively.

  • 🎁 A suite of bonuses, including tools that allow you to easily visualize and animate data, browser extensions that allow you to passively research, open-source datasets, recommended Twitter follows and newsletter subscriptions, ad libraries, research templates, and more.

  • 🀝 A private Discord community with 1,100+ fellow internet sleuths to discuss and share tools that are stumbled upon. This will be the first place I'll share any future finds and encourage others to do the same!

  • πŸ“† A community calendar featuring select AMAs with the builders behind great tools and a few IRL events in key cities.

  • πŸ“ˆ An evolving collection of ideas and trends that have surfaced through these tools. Plus, for the My First Million stans out there, I'll include all of my prior research documents that I'm asked for so often.

  • πŸ’° A growing β€œDeals” section that gives you discounts on key paid tools.

  • πŸ‘© Access to the recordings of the 6-week interactive live cohort led by Steph to review the material.

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Learning how to leverage the internet to find business ideas, build side projects, and scale your business is cool, but you know what's even cooler? Doing that alongside awesome people who also want to discuss ideas, collaborate, and have fun.Since launching in early 2024, the growing community of 1600+ members of Internet Pipes has organized dozens of in-person events across the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England, and Switzerland.


Some creators are asked about their skincare routine, morning ritual, or top tech gadgets.Not me. My inbox is full of people saying, β€œThis is awesome! Where on Earth did you find that?”Whether it's due to the business ideas rabbit holes I've shared on the My First Million podcast, my work building into a multi-million dollar business, or the 145k+ Twitter audience I've built from sharing things early... I've somehow channeled being extremely online into something productive (and fun!)Internet Pipes is my best attempt to share everything I know about Internet rabbit-holing (yes, it's now a verb), so that other people can benefit from this surprisingly useful skillset.

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This may sound like overkill, but I genuinely believe anyone can benefit from better understanding the digital world we live in.But if I had to narrow it down, you might like Internet Pipes if you want to:

  • πŸ’‘ Discover ideas & trends before everyone else

  • πŸ“š Learn skills to build side projects

  • 🀝 Meet and collaborate with fellow builders

  • πŸ›œ Turn being very online into a productive asset

  • πŸ€“ Sound smart and interesting at dinner parties (who doesn't want this?)

Of course, I can't guarantee anything. To some, this knowledge will be a nice to have. But for others, it may be the very thing that takes your business or life in a new and exciting direction.


The skills & tools I share here have allowed me to:

  • πŸ’» Build a 140k+ Twitter audience by sharing cool ideas, spotting trends early, and engaging with technology

  • πŸ“ˆ Get recruited for cool full-time jobs, like scaling to thousands of subscribers and millions in ARR in under two years

  • ✍️ Share ideas on a personal blog that reached 400k+ pageviews and thousands of subscribers in year one

  • 😊 Evolve from an "opportunistically poor" person into someone bubbling with ideas and excited about the virtually infinite opportunity in the Internet era

What you do with this new knowledge will inevitably look different, but I'm sure it will be great.


Internet Pipes uses a tiered pricing model in which the price increases as more people buy the product.The current price is $400 and rising with time.I'm offering a limited number of partial scholarships, so if you are going to use the material and truly can't afford it, reach out to [email protected].Note: If you have a business, you may be able to expense this, though not financial advice!


I am confident that if you go through the material, you’ll not only learn 1 or 2 or even 15 new things, but come away seeing the Internet in a completely new way.A whole new pair of Internet glasses!That said, I also believe in people being exceptionally happy with their purchases, just like this growing list of community members.So if for whatever reason you're unhappy, I'll refund you. Zero questions asked.

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